Colour of the Month

With winter approaching, it's only fitting that you try and add a bit of warmth to your home. Why not try the "Colour of the Month" - Haberdash. This colour will help to add a fresh coastal feel to your furniture, while adding warmth to your space at the same time!

Haberdash is one of my all time favourite colours. The soft beige colour is one that I have painted with for many years now. It suits most home decors, because it tones in with a white decor without the harshness that some bright whites create. It also tones in with the current trend of greys, blacks and navys that I see quite a lot of on furniture now.

If Haberdash is a bit different to your home decor, you could always finish the piece with a dark, black or white wax to help it tone in with the colours of your house.

So why not give it a try on your next furniture piece!

Happy painting!

Isabelle xx