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Designed by a professional painter and handmade in Holland, Cling On! paint brushes are the absolute top of the line synthetic brush for all water borne paints! Cling On! brushes feature soft and durable DuPont synthetic filaments fully locked in epoxy cement to minimise shedding, a stainless-steel ferrule and a quality beechwood handle. They come in 4 shapes: Round, Oval, Flat and Bent & 17 different sizes!

Cling On’s are incredibly strong, extremely durable, have superior shape retention and are suitable for use with all water-based products.

They boast amazing coverage and a smooth finish, but our favourite feature is their virtual self-cleaning properties!

Just pop them in water half way up the bristles and watch the paint wick away!

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  • SHORTIES - S30 Cling On! Brushes
    cling on paint brushes, function by design, S30, shorties brushes
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