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Sweet Pickins Milk Paint is the perfect paint to use on any furniture painting project. With 38 beautiful paint colours to choose from, you’ll be able to add your own personal touch to any painting project. Whether that’s an old piece of furniture, mirror, photo frame, metal or even a piece of fabric! Everything you need to get started is right here on this website! Whatever the project may be, with so many options to choose from, Sweet Pickins Milk Paint will help you achieve the desired finished look that you're after. Vintage, coastal or even modern!

The milk paint does not contain an in-built sealer, so you will need to use either Sweet Pickins oil wax, top coat, clear or any of the coloured waxes to seal your piece. These include black, white and dark waxes. This is a simple step that ensures a quality finish to your painted piece! Make sure to use the Sweet Pickins Extra Bond if you’re trying to achieve a sleek finish on your piece or if you don’t want to prep the piece with any sanding. This product helps the paint adhere to the timber.

As an Australian retailer, I love all the products in the Sweet Pickins Milk Paint range. Although our milk paint is manufactured in the USA, this product is perfect for our Australian climate! If the paint starts to thicken as you’re painting, just add a touch more water so the product glides on as you’re painting! Or alternatively, if it’s too runny just add more powder and you’ve solved your own problem!

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint is environmentally safe and non-toxic. So, it's perfect if you're thinking of painting any furniture for your newborn baby for example! It is 100% VOC free and is made with all-natural earth materials. Don’t be put off by the fact that it comes in powder form! It is so easy to mix, just follow the instructions on the back of the packet. If you’re into DIY furniture painting projects, this paint is perfect for you!

To find out more information about Sweet Pickins Milk Paint, you can read one of the blogs on this website or contact us via email We’re always happy to answer any of your questions!