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Finishing Polyseal is a safe, odourless, and water-resistant alternative to traditional polyurethane.

It is available in both 250ml and 1 Litre sizes.

Fast drying, it is suitable for use on both painted and wooden surfaces alike. It is easy to apply.

Ensure surfaces to be sealed are clean and free from mould, dust, dirt and grease. Using a good quality brush or foam roller, apply a thin coat and smooth out to ensure the surface is evenly coated. Your surface will be touch dry in 30 minutes and can be re-coated in 2 hours.

Normally one coat is sufficient. In the even that a second coat is needed, lightly sand first with 240 grit sandpaper to remove any rough areas.

Once complete, your piece will be protected and sealed with a subtle satin-matt finish and is suitable for both interior and exterior use. This product may be diluted by up to 10% with water to drop the sheen level or enhance application.

The curing time for the Finishing Polyseal is 7 days.

It is made in Australia.